Arozzi Arena Gaming Desks

Gaming takes center stage in Arozzi’s Arena–the all new gaming desk.

Its huge 14 square feet (1.31 sq. meters) of rock solid surface and custom mouse pad to cover the full space liberates you to game with new intensity.

Arena is a completely new design, developed by our Swedish design team with gamers to maximize play and comfort. The 160cm (5’ 3”) width allows for three large monitors to envelop you in the game environment. The 82 cm (2’ 8 ¼”) depth gives you a huge field of play for your mouse, keyboard or other devices. And it all fits cleanly thanks to Arena’s unique cable management scheme.

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    Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk | Black

    • Custom mouse pad covers 100% of the surface and adheres tightly to the desktop
    • Mouse pad is water-resistant and machine washable
    • Together with the non-slip underside and 3.2kg weight, the mousepad is impervious to any random movement over the surface
    • All-metal base
    • Adjustable feet for stability
    • Adjustable height for added comfort
    • Cable management system – 3 x cut-outs in the mousepad and desk allow you to hid cables for a clean set up
    • Cable management system also allows for monitor arms to be easily installed
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